Mango Srikhand

Mango Srikhand is an Indian dessert that resembles a frozen mango lassie. It is cool and refreshing, yet flavorful. This is the perfect end to any meal, especially a very spicy one. I used this recipe in my Indian Food Feast, and my family enjoyed it. The Mango Srikhands are garnished with saffron and a halved pistachio. I like to serve it with a bowl of pistachios for added crunch.

I used the recipe from Food 52


3 champagne mangos or 2 regular mangos
4 teaspoons confectioners sugar, or to taste
8-10 strands of saffron, plus more for garnishing
1 teaspoon ground cardamom
unsalted pistachio halves, for garnishing
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
juice of one small or meyer lemon

1. In a food processor, add mangos, cardamom, saffron, confectioners sugar, and cream, and pulse until thick.

2. Continue to pulse as you add yogurt. (and extra sugar if desired) Once combined, add lemon juice and run for 30 seconds or until completely incorporated. Transfer the mixture into individual ramekins or serving bowls. Freeze until set. (I froze mine for at least 4-5 hours)

3. When ready to serve, remove ramekins from freezer and garnish with saffron and pistachios. Serve cold.

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