Indian Food Feast

I have had the privelage of experimenting with different styles of cooking. However, I have little to no experience with cooking Indian food. Today, I decided to cook an Indian feast for my family. The meal had many different components. So, it took some hard work and focus, but it was definitely worth it! For the main dish I made chicken tikka masala over herbed basmati rice. On the side, I made simple roasted cauliflower and a cilantro-mint raita. To sop up the delicious masala sauce, we purchased naan from a local Indian foodstore. To drink I made a chai tea latte. Finally, I whipped up a mango srikhand for dessert. The feast was a big hit with my whole family and cooking it was a great experience! image

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara Bonat says:

    It looks delicious. grandpa wished he had some. Keep up the good writing and cooking. I am looking forward to your next blog and recipe. Grandma Xxoo


  2. Aunt Jen says:

    This looks fantastic, Abbs! Love you posts!


    1. abbybonat says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you like them!


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